Hiking: Forêt de Notre-Dame de la Paix

Length: 1 – 1,5 hours

Difficulty: Easy, suitable also for children

Why choose: Magnificient viewpoint toward the valley of Rivière des Remparts, interesting possibility to visit a forest located at 1700 metres altitude.

The forest of Notre-Dame de la Paix

The hiking trail of Forêt de Notre-Dame de la Paix is faily short and therefore also child-friendly. The trail is located at 1700 metres altitude close to the village of Notre-Dame de la Paix, in the heights of Le Tampon.

The trail is fairly easy to find. While driving up the RN3 toward La Plaine des Cafres, turn to the right toward Notre-Dame de la Paix. Drive past the village and continue for some time until you reach the starting point. The parking is next to the road on the right. The hiking trail starts at corner of the picnic area. Don’t forget to visit the viewpoint, which is also located next to the picnic area.

At 1700m, the plants and trees differ somewhat from coastal forests.

Located on the trail there are many signs telling more about the different species that grow in the forest. Make sure to look after the children, as the trail at certain points goes close to the dangerous edge. The path itself is safe, just as long as one does wonder around too much.

The trail is suitable for all, but to avoid danger always stay on the path.

At 1700 metres altitude, the air can be cool so dress accordingly. Like always in Reunion Island, it is a good idea to protect from the sun.