20th of December, a very special day in Reunion Island

Cirque de Mafate

20th of December is an important day for the people of Reunion Island. It marks the end of slavery (slavery ended 20.12.1848), and it is widely celebrated throughout the island. Festivities, that are known as Fet Kaf, include historical exhibitions and live music, especially maloya music. Maloya music originates from slave music common among slaves in Reunion Island during that time period. One of the most popular maloya groups on the island is Lindigo:

LiNDiGo is one the most popular maloya groups in Reunion Island

December is a time of many celebrations, but it is also the time of the fruit letchi. Fresh letchi fruit is only available for a short time during December and January, and it is a very popular fruit among the locals. Prices this year vary from 2,5 EUR to 4 EUR. If you plan to visit Reunion Island during this time, make sure to try some letchi.