Jardin d’Eden: a compact-sized, cozy and beautiful botanical garden in Reunion Island

Jardin d’Eden is a compact-sized botanical garden located fairly close to one of the most popular beaches in Reunion Island, the L’Hermitage beach in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains. The garden is also easy to find from the Route de Tamarins (Tamarinds Road), as it is located next to the road that connects the Route des Tamarins and the L’Hermitage beach. At the time of the writing, entrance to the garden cost 8 euros for adults.

Lotus flower in Jardin d’Eden

The garden is divided into different areas according to plants, such as water plants, bamboo, cactuses, creole garden etc. Be sure to be on the lookout for chameleons and colorful lizards, as they are fairly easy to spot here. The garden is family-friendly, and they have set up an interesting activity for children, who will certainly have a fun time trying to find chameleon pictures hidden throughout the garden. The garden is a nice easy-to-reach place to visit and learn more about the tropical plants and trees of Reunion Island.

Chameleon in Jardin d’Eden

While Jardin d’Eden is a fairly simple and easy way to see and learn about Reunion Island’s nature, for anyone looking for a more diverse and a larger collection of plants and trees should consider a visit to Mascarin Jardin Botanique de La Réunion (Mascarin Botanical Garden of Reunion Island), located in the heights of Saint-Leu.

Wooden bridge in Jardin d’Eden