The eruption of Piton de la Fournaise has ended

The latest eruption of the volcano Piton de la Fournaise seems to have been ended today, after continuing for almost one month. This eruption site was not the easiest one to reach, as it took around 1,5h-2h hike to reach the viewpoint to see the eruption. Also, the weather conditions around the volcano area have been fairly bad for some time now, and to make things worse Reunion Island has a nightly curfew in place (due to a worsening COVID-19 situation) at the time of writing, making it impossible to visit the volcano during the night. Let’s hope there is another eruption soon, and that the conditions to visit would be better by then! With Piton de la Fournaise everything is possible, as it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Click here to see some of the last images from the eruption:

Photo on top: Volcano Piton de la Fournaise seen from the crater Formica Leo

Jardin d’Eden: a compact-sized, cozy and beautiful botanical garden in Reunion Island

Jardin d’Eden is a compact-sized botanical garden located fairly close to one of the most popular beaches in Reunion Island, the L’Hermitage beach in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains. The garden is also easy to find from the Route de Tamarins (Tamarinds Road), as it is located next to the road that connects the Route des Tamarins and the L’Hermitage beach. At the time of the writing, entrance to the garden cost 8 euros for adults.

Lotus flower in Jardin d’Eden

The garden is divided into different areas according to plants, such as water plants, bamboo, cactuses, creole garden etc. Be sure to be on the lookout for chameleons and colorful lizards, as they are fairly easy to spot here. The garden is family-friendly, and they have set up an interesting activity for children, who will certainly have a fun time trying to find chameleon pictures hidden throughout the garden. The garden is a nice easy-to-reach place to visit and learn more about the tropical plants and trees of Reunion Island.

Chameleon in Jardin d’Eden

While Jardin d’Eden is a fairly simple and easy way to see and learn about Reunion Island’s nature, for anyone looking for a more diverse and a larger collection of plants and trees should consider a visit to Mascarin Jardin Botanique de La Réunion (Mascarin Botanical Garden of Reunion Island), located in the heights of Saint-Leu.

Wooden bridge in Jardin d’Eden

New COVID-19 restrictions in Reunion Island

The authorities in both France and Reunion Island have announced new restrictions due to the worsening COVID-19 situation on the island. Below are listed some of the most important restrictions related to travel that are already active or will soon be activated in Reunion Island :

– Starting from 28.12.2021 all travellers, regardless of vaccination status, are required to present a negative PCR- or antigenic test result no older than 24 hours. Fully vaccinated travellers must, in addition, present a proof of vaccination. For travellers who are not vaccinated there are plenty more requirements, and travel might not even be possible for the unvaccinated ordinary tourist. For more see :

– The curfew will be put in place again starting from 1st of January 2022 until 23rd of January 2022, and will be in effect daily from 9pm to 5am. Reunion Island will be the only French territory with an active curfew. During the hours curfew is active any movement outdoors is forbidden, and is made possible only for a few special reasons. In such case a person is required to carry a signed document explaining the reason in detail.

– Lower capacity limits for bars, restaurants, supermarkets, museums and similar places are put in place.

– Nightclubs are completely closed.

– Masks are mandatory in all public places.

– Picnics are forbidden.

– Any fireworks for New Year’s eve are forbidden.

Read more : (in French)

In other news :

The eruption of the active volcano Piton de la Fournaise is still ongoing. It is possible to see the eruption and the lava flows safely by hiking two hours from the Foc Foc parking area, that is situated fairly close to Pas de Bellecombe, the main viewpoint to the volcano. The eruption is the second for the year 2021. First eruption took place in late spring, and lasted a total of 1,5 months. Piton de la Fournaise is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and fairly easily reachable for tourists.

A pleasant surprise for the holiday season: Piton de la Fournaise is erupting for the second time this year

For the second time this year, Reunion Island’s active volcano Piton de la Fournaise is erupting. The eruption started early today on the south side of the volcano, at about 2000 metres elevation. The first eruption of the year took place in late spring, and lasted a total of 1,5 months. Eruptions of Piton de la Fournaise are quite common, as it is one of the most active volcanoes on Earth.

Eruptions of Piton de la Fournaise are a spectacular sight, and usually also harmless to the general public. Every eruption is a big event in Reunion Island and many locals make the trip to see the eruption. I would highly recommend to visit Piton de la Fournaise during the eruption, if one would be fortunate enough to be visiting the island during an active eruption. Especially during night time these eruptions are a sight to be remembered.

For images of the latest eruption, please visit:

Photo above: The eruption of Piton de la Fournaise viewed during night time in 2019.

UPDATE 23.12.2021: The eruption can be reached from Parking Foc-Foc, a place that is located fairly close to Pas de Bellecombe, the end point of Route du Volcan (Volcano Road). From the parking it takes approximately 1,5h-2h to reach the viewpoint to the eruption site, meaning that round-trip would take around 4 hours to complete.

20th of December, a very special day in Reunion Island

20th of December is an important day for the people of Reunion Island. It marks the end of slavery (slavery ended 20.12.1848), and it is widely celebrated throughout the island. Festivities, that are known as Fet Kaf, include historical exhibitions and live music, especially maloya music. Maloya music originates from slave music common among slaves in Reunion Island during that time period. One of the most popular maloya groups on the island is Lindigo:

LiNDiGo is one the most popular maloya groups in Reunion Island

December is a time of many celebrations, but it is also the time of the fruit letchi. Fresh letchi fruit is only available for a short time during December and January, and it is a very popular fruit among the locals. Prices this year vary from 2,5 EUR to 4 EUR. If you plan to visit Reunion Island during this time, make sure to try some letchi.

Hiking: Forêt de Notre-Dame de la Paix

Length: 1 – 1,5 hours

Difficulty: Easy, suitable also for children

Why choose: Magnificient viewpoint toward the valley of Rivière des Remparts, interesting possibility to visit a forest located at 1700 metres altitude.

The forest of Notre-Dame de la Paix

The hiking trail of Forêt de Notre-Dame de la Paix is faily short and therefore also child-friendly. The trail is located at 1700 metres altitude close to the village of Notre-Dame de la Paix, in the heights of Le Tampon.

The trail is fairly easy to find. While driving up the RN3 toward La Plaine des Cafres, turn to the right toward Notre-Dame de la Paix. Drive past the village and continue for some time until you reach the starting point. The parking is next to the road on the right. The hiking trail starts at corner of the picnic area. Don’t forget to visit the viewpoint, which is also located next to the picnic area.

At 1700m, the plants and trees differ somewhat from coastal forests.

Located on the trail there are many signs telling more about the different species that grow in the forest. Make sure to look after the children, as the trail at certain points goes close to the dangerous edge. The path itself is safe, just as long as one does wonder around too much.

The trail is suitable for all, but to avoid danger always stay on the path.

At 1700 metres altitude, the air can be cool so dress accordingly. Like always in Reunion Island, it is a good idea to protect from the sun.

Good news for anyone planning a visit to Piton de la Fournaise // Hyviä uutisia tulivuori Piton de la Fournaiselle vierailua suunnitteleville

Good news for anyone planning a visit to Piton de la Fournaise! The road leading to the volcano was before in pretty bad shape, but lately some work has been done to make the road better and now the volcano is much easier to reach by car. Still the road is far from perfect, so drive carefully.

Bad weather conditions might make the volcano visit a very unpleasant one, so that’s why I suggest to everyone to check the weather forecast in advance: Only visit Piton de la Fournaise when weather permits.

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Hyviä uutisia tulivuori Piton de la Fournaiselle vierailua suunnitteleville! Tulivuorelle vievä tie oli aiemmin loppuosastaan erittäin kuoppainen ja hyvinkin vaikeakulkuinen, mutta tietä on hiljattain paranneltu ja tie on tätä nykyä huomattavasti aiempaa parempikuntoinen. Varovaisuutta kuitenkin kannattaa edelleen ajamisessa olla, koska tiessä on edelleen railoja ja muita vaaranpaikkoja joihin kannattaa ajaa varovaisemmin. Varovaisuutta tarvitaan erityisesti hiekkapohjaisella osuudella, joka alkaa Plaine des Sablesilta (kuvassa yllä).

Koska sateinen ja sumuinen säätila voi tehdä tulivuorivierailusta mahdollisesti jonkin sortin pettymyksen, niin kannattaa mieluisan kokemuksen varmistamiseksi tarkistaa Piton de la Fournaisen sääennuste oheisesta linkistä: . Huonolla säällä kannattaa keskittyä muihin nähtävyyksiin, ja suunnata Piton de la Fournaiselle vasta kun sääennuste lupaa kirkasta ja aurinkoista päivää.

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More coronavirus restrictions in Reunion Island // Koronavirusrajoituksia kiristetty uudelleen Réunionilla

Coronavirus situation has been worsening in Reunion Island, and therefore new restrictions has been put in place:

  • Masks mandatory also outside in public places
  • Family picnics forbidden
  • No gatherings for more than 10 people
  • More use for “pass sanitaire”, for example the pass will be use for christmas markets and similar events.

For more information please visit:

Positive news regarding the weather: Summer has finally reached Reunion Island, and temperatures have been in the rise, closer to sea level over +30C. Sunny weather has been continuing for some time now, so weather has been great, and should remaing that way for some time.


Heikentynyt koronavirustilanne on vaatinut uusia rajoitusten kiristyksiä Réunionilla. Uusia rajoituksia ovat:

– Maskipakko ulkona: Maskeja tulee käyttää taas myös ulkona julkisilla paikoilla liikkuessa.

– Réunionilaiseen elämäntyyliin kiinteästi kuuluvat (perhe)piknikit kokonaan kielletty

– Yleisillä paikoilla yli kymmenen hengen kokoontumiset kielletty

– Koronapassin käytön laajentaminen: Koronapassi tulee käyttöön mm. erilaisilla joulutoreilla ja markkinoilla.

Lisätietoja :

Positiivisia uutisia kuitenkin sään puolesta : Kesän helteet ovat saavuttaneet Réunionin, ja lämpötilat ovat viime päivinä liikkuneet meren läheisyydessä selvästi 30 asteen paremmalla puolella, n. +32C – +34C -tasolla. Lämpöä siis on riittänyt erittäin mukavasti ! Säät ovat muutenkin suosineet, aurinkoinen sateeton jakso on jatkunut nyt pidempään ja aurinkoa on luvassa säätietojen mukaan jatkossakin.

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Trou de Fer viewpoint still closed from public // Trou de Ferin näköalatasanne edelleen suljettu yleisöltä

One of the most magnificient viewpoints of Reunion Island, the viewpoint of Trou de Fer, remains closed following the landslide that happened just next to the structure back in August. No timetable is in place for reopening of the viewpoint. Very likely is that the viewpoint remains closed for longer time.

The hiking route to the viewpoint is one of the more popular in Reunion Island, offering a great view of the Trou de Fer waterfall. The waterfall is one of the highest in the world (700 metres). The hiking route is quite easy and in quite good shape, but still might take a couple of hours to complete.

More infomation:


Yksi Réunionin näyttävimmistä näköalatasanteista, Trou de Ferin näköalatasanne, on edelleen suljettu yleisöltä, johtuen elokuussa näköalatasanteen välittömässä läheisyydessä tapahtuneesta maanvyörymästä. Näköalatasanne on ollut sitten suljettuna, eikä avaamisen suhteen ole tiedossa mitään tarkempaa aikataulua. Hyvin mahdollisesti näköalatasanne pysyy suljettuna pidemmänkin aikaa.

Näköalatasanteelle vievä vaellusreitti on eräs Réunionin suosituimmista, ja itse näköalatasanteelta on hienot näkymät Trou de Ferin vesiputoukselle, joka on yksi maailman korkeimmista vesiputouksista yli 700 metrin korkeudellaan. Vaellusreitti ei ole vaativammasta päästä, koska reitin korkeuserot ovat réunionilaisittain hyvin maltilliset (+180m) ja muutenkin reitti on suhteellisen hyväkuntoinen. Vaellukseen voi kuitenkin helposti muutama tunti mennä, joten peruskuntoa reitti kuitenkin vaatii.


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Grand Raid, the most important sporting event in Reunion Island, starts today // Réunionin merkittävin urheilutapahtuma Grand Raid alkaa tänään

Most important sporting event of Reunion Island, Grand Raid, starts today after sunset in Saint-Pierre. Grand Raid is an ultrarunning event, that follows a route through the cirques of Reunion Island. The longest and most prestigous race, La Diagonale des Fous, measures a total of 160 km, with accent of 9400 metres. The race ends in the capital Saint-Denis.

The race is a big media event in Reunion Island, with TV, newspaper and online services covering the race. This year that are almost 3000 participants for all around the world. Last race (in 2019) was won by a French runner Gregoire Curmer.

More information regarding Grand Raid:


Réunionin merkittävin urheilutapahtuma, Grand Raid, järjestetään yhden koronaviruspandemiasta johtuneen välivuoden jälkeen, ja pääkilpailun lähtö on tänään torstaina 21.10.2021 Saint-Pierressä illalla pimeyden jo laskeuduttua. Kyseessä on ultrajuoksukilpailu, reitillä joka kulkee läpi Réunionin vehreän vuoriston. Pisin ja arvostetuin kisamatka, La Diagonale des Fous, on pituudeltaan 160 km, ja nousua matkalla kertyy yhteensä jopa 9400m. Kilpailu päättyy pääkaupunki Saint-Denisiin.

Kilpailusta uutisoidaan aina Réunionilla laajasti eri tavoin, niin lehdissä, tv:ssä kuin internetissäkin. Tänä vuonna kilpailuun on ilmoittautunut lähes 3000 kilpailijaa eripuolilta maailmaa (verkkosivujen osallistujalistauksen mukaan tänä vuonna ei näyttäisi olevan mukana suomalaisia osanottajia). Viimeksi järjestetyn vuoden 2019 kilpailun voitti ranskalainen Gregoire Curmer.

Lisätietoja Grand Raidista:

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